Friday, January 04, 2008


"... to find the guilty, u need only look into a mirror."

we often blame others for the vile things happened and happening to us. i know it. i have done it. i have blamed everything that has happened to me in the last twenty years on my family, on the people around me, on god. everyone. it is so easier to blame someone else. so easier to run.
blame gives birth to anger. anger gives birth to hatred. i donot consider anger and hatred a sin..... there are people who ARE indecent. they donot have a shred of goodness inside. they should be shown no mercy.
some say forgiveness is a symbol of strength. yet i believe that forgiveness only allows a sin to go unpunished, and thus, to grow. a man is responsible for his actions. even if he feels in hindsight that he is wrong, he has committed that mistake. a mistake can never go unpunished. sparing the rod is the only mistake the society does.
A man should be strong enough to know that he is wrong. that his deeds cannot be undone by the useless act of forgivness.

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