Friday, March 12, 2010


The following is the lyrics of the song Duniya from Gulaal. its such an artistic composition that i think it was worth mentioning here on its merit alone.

Oh ri duniya, Oh ri duniya,
Aye duniya, aye surmayee aankhein ke pyaalo ki duniya oh duniya,
Surmayee aankhein ke pyaalo ki duniya oh duniya,
Satrangi rango gulalo ki duniya oh duniya -2 times

Alsaayi sejo ke phoolon ki duniya oh duniya re,
Angdaayi tode kabootar ki duniya oh duniya re,
Aye karwat le soyi haqeeqat ki duniya oh duniya,
Deewani hoti tabiyat ki duniya oh duniya,
Khwahish mein lipti zaroorat ki duniya oh duniya re,
Heyyy insaan ke sapno ki niyat ki duniya oh duniya,
Oh ri duniya, oh ri duniya, oh ro duniya, oh ri duniya,
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai? – 3 times

Mamta ki bikhri kahani ki duniya oh duniya,
Behno ki siski jawani ki duniya oh duniya,
Adam ke hawwa se rishte ki duniya oh duniya re
Heyyy shayar ke pheenke labzo ki duniya oh duniya,
[Gaalib ke maumin ke khawabo ki duniya,
Majazo ke un inqalabo ki duniya] – 2 times

Faize firako sahir umakhdum meel ki zoku kitabo ki duniya,
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai? – 3 times

Palchin mein baaten chali jaati hai hai,
Palchin mein raaten chali jaati hai hai,
Reh jaata hai jo sawera wo dhoondhe,
Jalta makaan mein basera wo dhoondhe,
Jaisi bachi hai waisi ki waisi, bacha lo yeh duniya,
Apna samajh ke apno ki jaisi utha lo yeh duniya,
Chitput si baaton mein jalne lagegi, sambhalo yeh duniya,
Katpit ke raaton mein palne lagegi, sambhalo yeh duniya,
Oh ri duniya, oh ri duniya, wo kahen hai ki duniya,
Yeh itni nahi hai sitaaro se aage jahan aur bhi hai,
Yeh hum hi nahi hai, wahan aur bhi hai,
Hamari hare k baat hoti wahin hai,
Hume aitraaz nahi hai kahin bhi,
Wo aayi zamil pe sahi hai,
Magar falsafa yeh bigad jaata hai jo,
Wo kehte hai…aalim yeh kehta wahan ishwar hai,
Faazil yeh kehta wahan allah hai,
Kamil yeh kahta hai,
Manzil yeh kehti tab insaan se ki,
Tumhari hai tum hi sambhalo yeh duniya,
Yeh ujde hue chand baasi charago,
Tumhare yeh kale iraado ki duniya,
Ohh ri duniya, oh ri duniya…
Hoo ri duniya…

Saturday, March 06, 2010

a note

"Finally, i have arrived.

i know how it is to end and when :D i feel soooooooo ready for the great journey ! u cannot imagine the peace... the relief of it all. dont worry. everyone of u that reads ( or does not) will find it too one day !

i have aged a lifetime in these last few years. realized/discovered/observed a great many things. some good, some bad. but in the end... it was all worth it. every second was worth the events that lead to it. big and small.

each moment, each thought, each emotion, each word, each action. i feel complete.

i loved the life i lead. if i cud live it again. i wudnt change anything... nor anyone."

i wrote this when no other course of action was possible. i was simply, tired... still i am given one last chance. the moment of truth will arrive in a few weeks from now.