Friday, October 31, 2008

In fieri...

kindness, tolerance, brotherhood,love : a ruthless realism acknowledging that life is as it is... here on earth,here and now... the kingdom of God meaning : goodness is right here... or it should be.... " i am that i am becoming"

that is what the Buddha brought us... that is the basis of a pure religion...

heaven and hell were just terrors allowing men to rule their brothers through fear and seduction... saving our souls that we never lost in the first place :)

i see rituals, ceremonies, processions.... i wonder if this is what the prime mover had in mind.... why does a simple path to goodness needs a supernatural willpower today ?

Monday, October 13, 2008

when we dance...

"it shows me your true nature
my ambitious expectations which have clouded my judgment
the fool's game we are playing

one because it is bored, the other because it is too immature to know what is really going on

is it really THAT simple ?? a purloined dagger ?

it wants SO little that it confuses nothing with very less... and gives its all to the one who decieves it...

what a funny.funny world we live in ?!

just like a reel life.... the future of every fall seems the beginning of a rise; atleast not for everyone. some just keep falling...

it is falling
down and down
expecting a hand, a straw even

love turns most easily to hatred....
(un)righteous loathing flows, without reasoning..... just a primal emotion of wanting to hit back

wanting to peel off the only face it likes the most
killing an emotion in the moment he likes it the most, so that it has no chance of mutation by reality.

there are so many times these barren eyes have tried to cry but they have always been failed by their greatest ally

we are not one... we are not even real to eachother...

how many dreams shatter at that instant... the immaturity visible yet again

a warped vision maintained by the mind so that it is numb to the painful facts, not feeling the real wounds...

we live alone,we die alone
the need for emotional/physical sense of security is a limiting force to our own courage.... our very own ability to accomplish the unimaginable

please someone release it from its misery..... someone please execute him

why did i see it ? can i not keep living in my own little world ? why give the means if u dont want me to achieve..... why do u constantly try to break me ? 2 decades of sadism is not enough ?? 2 decades.... a 3rd of life... worth not even shit, filled with pain and (self-)deception

they are not one in his eyes anymore......

i need to know the true nature of the hate i feel in my veins

i pray that you see the actual actors before it is too late..

is it destroying a beautiful thing you love the most so that it does not wither; or is it sacrificing one's life for something that is worth living for....

the apparent lie,if true, will kill me even when i have finally found what i always wanted.... the apparent truth, if a lie, grants me life without any feelings or emotions...

free my mind... please i beg of you.."

Sunday, October 12, 2008


i am no more
as my mind realizes its shallowness i see that i ceased to exist a long time ago
the void has hollowed my being, a shell is all that remains
there is no truth, nor deception anymore..
there is nothing.