Saturday, March 06, 2010

a note

"Finally, i have arrived.

i know how it is to end and when :D i feel soooooooo ready for the great journey ! u cannot imagine the peace... the relief of it all. dont worry. everyone of u that reads ( or does not) will find it too one day !

i have aged a lifetime in these last few years. realized/discovered/observed a great many things. some good, some bad. but in the end... it was all worth it. every second was worth the events that lead to it. big and small.

each moment, each thought, each emotion, each word, each action. i feel complete.

i loved the life i lead. if i cud live it again. i wudnt change anything... nor anyone."

i wrote this when no other course of action was possible. i was simply, tired... still i am given one last chance. the moment of truth will arrive in a few weeks from now.