Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Difference

how many times have u stubbed ur toe on a bed/table and wished/did hit the table back ?

how many times has ur computer frozen up while you were doing something awesome and u wanted to really cuss the darn thing out ?

happens to almost all of us. it is one of our basic instincts.... to attach a default personality to everything. with personality comes assumptions about the object's nature. its clash with our own personality creates one of the many primal emotions - love, hate, anger or fear.

death is always called He. Nature is always called She.

Humans are generally social animals. Communication is THE most important difference between us and the lower mammals. emotions go hand in hand with every kind of communication. people hardly talk with objects they donot attach even a bit of any emotion to.

And here the problem starts. we are so used to attaching emotions with people, that this instinct is carried over to inanimate objects, like a hung up computer, a brick which fell on your computer, an atm machine which gave u extra money (which they dont :|).

this is called animism. to animate inanimate objects, thus giving them a personality, either positive or negative, after which we can relate to the object on an emotional level. this is also the reason why people find some topics confusing and others straightforward.

by experience, you would all know that emotions complicate matters. a maths question would be a lot easier if you didn't think the quadratic equation was out to get you.

the other side of the coin is... the ability to inanimate everything you observe. to see an object without any complications. people like einstein and newton can be a good example. they contributed immensely to man's technological advancement. but they were humans... just like us. they extended this ability to humans as well... as we animate lifeless objects, they view humans as objects. hence their social life was in disarray. they could not bond with people. they could not form anything apart from the very basic emotions which, needless to say, were not enough in normal society. people like them have always been and always will be, outcasts.

the world is simple to them, not because they are super intelligent..... but because they are emotionally stupid...

what is it ? a blessing or a curse ?

Thursday, February 18, 2010


"...Mathematical truth is immutable,it lies outside physical reality. When we show, for example, that two nth powers never add to an nth power for n > 3 we have discovered a Truth. This is our belief, this is our core motivating forcé. Yet our attempts to describe this belief to our nonmathematical friends are akin to describing the Almighty to an atheist ..."

(Joel Spencer in his "Uncle Paul" speech)