Thursday, November 15, 2007

To achieve virtue in the absolute sense, a man must be willing to the foulest crimes upon his soul - for the sake of his brothers. Flesh is mortal...... soul is not. True virtue is in mortifying your soul. So you think you love the broad mass of mankind? You know nothing about love. You give two bucks to a strike fund and you think you have done you duty ?? Fools.... NO gift is worth a damn, unless its the most precious thing you've got.

Are you ready to give your soul ?
to a lie ? yes, if others believe it.
to deceit ? yes, if others need it.
to treachery, knavery, crime ? Yes !! to whatever it is that seems lowest and vilest in your eyes. Only when you can feel contempt for your priceless little ego, only then you can achieve the true broad peace of selflessness, the merging of your spirit with the vast collective spirit of mankind.

There is no room for the love of others within the tight, crowded miser's hole or a private ego. Be empty in order to be filled. The sacrifice that includes the destruction of one's soul....... is only for heroes to grasp and achieve........

-- Provoked by the Fountainhead.

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