Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gaahe Tav Jayagaatha

Recently I went to watch this movie in Big Cinemas and I happened to hear the National Anthem. While listening to it, I suddenly realized that how long had it been since I heard this. And so much had changed.

I have grown a lot between that time and now. More importantly, I had forgotten my first true love. In the race to better myself and filled with pride with each success, I had forgotten the sense of pride that comes when you truly understand the meaning of belonging to a nation.

That song brought back memories of a distant life, one untainted by maturity. Getting up early in the morning, taking a bath. Getting ready for singing the National Anthem on 26th January with my Grandfather. One of the earliest things he taught me was the full anthem and its meaning. I loved to hear him sing it. He had such an amazing voice. I will never know whether I liked the anthem because he sang it, or whether I liked his singing because he sang the anthem. I wish I could have those 2 minutes back.

There are few things in life a person should never have to endure.

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