Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everything or Nothing

Not a very long time ago, i feel i was naive enough to believe that world/people exist in black and white. That they are either good or bad. I thought there was always a line dividing the two sides of a coin.

In hindsight, i guess that is a model of a perfect world. a world governed not by emotions, but by mathematical logic. the world which we call heaven...

Unfortunately, our world is imperfect. composed of imperfect beings :) we are used to living in fractions because most of us donot have the will to completely support what our heart and mind believes in. The need to conform gradually weakens our will. This is one of the most basic reasons why mankind is where it is. Instead of individuality, we support a hive-mind. Why ?? Because we donot have to strength to survive alone in this world we helped create. Our ancestors had a profound foresight :) How to save people who were not good enough to secure their place in the world ?

Simple... make it immoral for people to please themselves without thinking about their "brothers and sisters". Humility, Brotherhood, God, Faith... the spellings are different, the meaning is one. Preservation of unity that gives an average strength to a community, composed of few creators and a lot of feeders. The second handers. The weak.

Many who read this will find my thinking cynical.

What i want to say is : Each of us is given one life. Its our responsiblity what we make of it. That we live it.

Give back a little more to life than we take from it.
There is only so far the fractions will carry us :)