Saturday, January 23, 2010

WW2 from the eyes of a Travian player

Germany Attacked Poland.

England broke their NAP with Germany 'cuz Poland was their ally.

England and its allies defend from German attacks, but suffer heavy losses as Germany has level 10 rams.

France got Chiefed.

Japan decided to scout America.

America got pissed off, and sent a couple 10k TTs at them, with 1k catapults for sh!ts & giggles.

America cut Japan to 90 pop.

Germany sends a Chieftain at Russia, gets loyalty down to 1.

Russia builds up troops with their lvl 20 resources and lvl 20 barracks before the Chieftain can hit again. Walls go back up to lvl 20. German Chiefs all destroyed.

Germany just keeps sending troops although it's clear they cannot take Russia.

Eventually troops run out since Russia can produce them faster.

Russia, Britain and the USA simultaneously hit Germany with their own Chieftains.

Hitler deleted his account...

- credit - Sgt. Bigtower

Legend :- (for the no00bs)

NAP = Non-Agression packs
Rams = siege units for breaking down walls
Chiefed = get attacked by the Chieftein
TT = a cavalary unit
Catapult = siege weapon
Loyalty = a counter than keeps decreasing when the village is attacked by chiefteins. at loyalty=0, village surrenders.

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