Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a monologue

why is there so much friction between us ?

u'd know... u r the asshole

its been so long... u still haven't realized how i cope with extremes of emotions.

u r still an asshole

i have security issues... thats all.... when i feel that something that i love is being taken away from me, i fight tooth n nail for it. if i cant fight, i try to break all emotions attached with it to minimize the mental pain it causes. there are only a handful of things i want in this world, u being the most important. u hate possessiveness... i know how important it is to belong to something. it is essential.


i am not good at many things yaar. i donot like people (you were right ;) ) because i cannot understand them. and because i donot like them, i donot put in the effort to understand them. my EQ is probbly negative. but what i do know is... there is one person i like being with, if not physically then mentally.... all i will ever need from this world is that ONE person... there is nothing else on earth which i cannot get myself. i have already told this many times... u think i am a child... i am.. but i also know that everything i say.... i mean all of them. i want to get better, just for the appreciation u wud give me. maybe i AM obsessed. maybe all u'll feel after reading this is anger... maybe i deserve it... all i can say is... wtever u want now... if i can i'll fulfill it...


Sup! said...

hmmm... a lot is happening inside ur brain. r u enjoying this pain? i'd say u shud.

sentenced_for_life said...

i'll take it until u r satisfied :)