Saturday, December 26, 2009

evolution ?

me: acha
i want to do the same
i believe that there is one universal law
ashima: n that is..
me: that will explain everything in the physical world
ashima: aahh...
9:31 PM me: i so wanna know wt it is
it must be beautiful
of terrible simplicity
dont u think ?
so simple we havnt thopught of it yet
9:32 PM ashima: to govern the universe..i dunno if it wud be simple
me: it has to be simple
in fact
ashima: v may allow ourselve 2 think that watever it is it's too simple
bt who knos
me: it will be a law that can be written in just one line
without any long equations
9:33 PM yaar
world is simple
when u look at it..
dont u think so ?
ashima: explain it further
me: look at animals
9:34 PM bhai unki life kitni simple hai
ashima: i dunno if its simple, i dont have the knowledge 2 make sch a statement..
me: eat, sleep, make out
we humans have complicated life
9:35 PM destroyed our natural surrounding
ashima: thr are complexities in the lives of animals too
me: nai yaar
kuch complex nai hota
ashima: escaoe from nimals who devour u,
find food fr urself
me: unka primary rule hai survival of their race
ashima: bring up family, look after babies till thy can support thmselves
9:36 PM me: survival with the best off springs
wahi to
everything is based on survival
but look at humans
we dont just survive
we improvise
we invent
ashima: think
think too mch..
me: to make our simple life complicated
ashima: hehehehhe
me: yes
ashima: yes
me: thinking too much is not good at all
9:37 PM ashima: not at all
me: :P
ashima: from wat i've seen
ppl compliacte their lives only by thinking too mch
me: actually
their attempt at simplifying life complicates it more
9:38 PM its like trying to untangle a mass of strings
ashima: i'd say there are too many aspects f humans
emotional, physical, moral..wat not
that is wat complicates
9:39 PM me: yeaa
i think we shud publish a book
ashima: hahahahahaahhaahahaha
who'd read it??
9:40 PM only ppl like us wud b interested in it, n thy'd b writing buks themselves
me: lol
sahi baat

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