Saturday, December 26, 2009

is the world bizzare ? or am i ?

galactic.avenger: lol
me: :P
galactic.avenger: Bizarro superman to be precise
8:33 PM me: bizzaro IS superman
thr is only one bizarro
galactic.avenger: ok
me: so no need to use superman with him
galactic.avenger: oki
me: thr is a clone for batman also
hez called batzarro
8:34 PM galactic.avenger: btw have u ever listened to the superman song from the scrubs tv show
me: he n bizarro r a team...
u got it ?
galactic.avenger: yea
wait this not some superman song its just called so
me: o.0
wt shud i do ?
8:35 PM galactic.avenger: take it its pretty good
me: kk
aur bata wassap ?
galactic.avenger: well nothing much
me: k
8:36 PM baal bacche kaise hain ?
bhabhi ji kaisii hain ?
raashan paani aa raha haina ?
galactic.avenger: haha
me: :P
galactic.avenger: kyun kya hua. someone asked u all that?
aur aaj ka exam how did it go
8:37 PM me: lol
exam kuch khaas nai gaya
8:39 PM galactic.avenger: ok
toh kya hua who gives a damn
8:40 PM does a dam give a damn?
will u give a damn about a dam?
the whole damnation will not account for the cost of building a damn
me: lol
kya ho gaya aisa ?
8:41 PM galactic.avenger: kuch nahi
i think damn and bogus are pretty cool words
bogus man
8:42 PM me: lol
aisa kyu bhai ?
galactic.avenger: i mean bogus sounds so indie
no punkish
8:43 PM me: ...
kaise kar leta hai tu ye ?
galactic.avenger: kya
8:44 PM me: yahi
aisii batein
8:45 PM wo bhi bina piye hue
8:46 PM ada padh liya ?
galactic.avenger: wouldnt it be great to have all the insight of the high without being so?
8:47 PM me: then it wud be of no value
galactic.avenger: lol
me: i mean
it will seemingly hav no value...
8:48 PM galactic.avenger: but then people will respect your seemingly stange powers of surrealistic incoherence without you having a bad breadth or a staggering walk
me: no...
8:49 PM thn everyone will have powers such as u...
galactic.avenger: are you kidding me.
me: yaar
galactic.avenger: (i have that power :P)
me: if one guy can get somthing without having to fight for it... without having to raise his level for it
8:50 PM then so can a million othrs...
galactic.avenger: yea but no one realizes it easy to talk to philosophic bullshit
me: the value of power or sight or knowledge lies in the fact that how obscurely it is placed
8:51 PM galactic.avenger: yes but it is easy to grasp the knowledge but its not easy to place it in such a way to make it seem as it is magic
me: yup
thats the imp part...
no one respects a secret once its known
galactic.avenger: yes so if a person who can talk surreal in normal circumstances will make people wonder how does he do it
8:52 PM why does he do it and more importantly "i am in awe of him for i cannot do it"
or "hes bullshit i dont care for i have more friends"
8:54 PM me: lol
8:55 PM umm
do u realize we both r saying the same thing ?
8:56 PM galactic.avenger: yes but you are stressing on the fact that everything is achievable by everyone whereas i am trying to stress on the fact that most people will never try
me: but everything IS achievable by almost everyone
the only problem is what u said....
8:57 PM most ppl dont try
galactic.avenger: yes i know that but they dont know that ;) and it is this fact that people such as us should bank on
me: lol
galactic.avenger: the fact that we did the work of knowing this makes it necessary for us
8:58 PM me: ye bhi hai
but we r not seperate from humanity...
shudnt we try to help them ?
galactic.avenger: of course
8:59 PM i am not averse to that idea
but people are ignorant puppies who wouldnt even want to learn something unless it benefits them immediately
u give them a bone and they will take it readily
9:00 PM me: yea
the donot see the big picture...
galactic.avenger: but u give them a shovel to dig all the bones they can they would cringe and would rather starve or cry for mummy
9:01 PM me: aptly put
9:02 PM hmmm
galactic.avenger: there is no big picture, isnt it the only picture? aren't the things we crave for nothing more than the manifestation of humans who chose to put things into order? aren't was all follwing this train of sequence to make ourselves more able in a world of chaos. the chaos intrigues us, we try to make sense of it
me: actually
smaller pictures r just the seperate pieces of the bigger picture
9:03 PM galactic.avenger: yes kinda like views of a table :P
me: o.0
of a table ?
galactic.avenger: u know in sql
me: oooh
9:04 PM galactic.avenger: there are virtual views which arent tables but merely representations
me: selective points from the whole data base is shown
here ppl see only those things that afffect them directly
galactic.avenger: yes
9:05 PM me: this is the main reason why r not in tune with nature
u know
just a few hours before i was thinking abt how man is so far removed from anything natural
9:06 PM i think its just coz we r short sighted
galactic.avenger: we are not short sighted
we are merely paralysed
me: it is voluntary paralysis
9:07 PM galactic.avenger: its mandatory paralysis
me: which is given rise coz of our short sightedness
no dude no
look at the oil problem
galactic.avenger: fuck the oil problem
me: in the world
galactic.avenger: look at ourselves
me: we know what the solutions r
but we dont act on them
coz we fear change
look at ourselves
best examples
9:08 PM we both know our short comings
we r not that blind
galactic.avenger: yet we dont work on it
me: i'll talk abt myself
i know exactly what i must do
but i dont do it
galactic.avenger: yes
so sture
9:09 PM me: its the same with every1 upto some level
i mean
no1 thinks hez perfect
every1 thinks he can improve
galactic.avenger: but then we are blinded by a certain perception of this world which has such a high degree of physical presence
me: then why dznt he ?
coz it will change him
galactic.avenger: no
9:10 PM i want to change
me: no
galactic.avenger: but i cannot in some things
me: yes u can
wahii to mental block hai yaar
THAT is our bane
thinking we cannot do anything

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