Monday, November 17, 2008

the unending life... the single-dimentionality of everything. the world has evolved around in such a complex way is just to make it more interesting so that life can continue evolving trying to understand it.

we consider ourselves at the top of the food chain ? but we r certainly at the last node of morality chain. the morality which disintegrates into two halves, pure and tainted, with pure being killed by the tainted so as to evolve further. the number of pure species decreases geometrically with each evolution cycle. the number of tainted species keeps on increasing at the same rate as well. a day comes when there is no pure species left.

the tainted then fight. after millions of years of struggle, the most tainted one survives and then gives rise to a species even worse than the present, more violent and amoral.

to evolve is to willingly degenerate the basic simplicity of life.

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