Thursday, October 18, 2007

"u did this to me..... WHY ?"

"I wish there was an easier way.... but there wasn't. Everyday i saw in me what u see in me now. Everyday i wanted to end it, but everyday you refused to give in, i knew i couldn't."


"you could have ended it. you could have given in..... but u didnt... why child ? it would have been easier...."

"SHUT UP! i don't want to hear your lies!!"

"Don't run from it..... you have been running all your life...."

"i HATE you!! i thought i'd die with all the hate in my veins... i couldn't feel anything anymore....."

"listen to me..... this may be the most important moment of your life.... commit to it. I took everything from you.... everything but your life.... and you thought that was all that mattered, didn't you ? You thought it was all you had left. But then something changed.... you found something that mattered more than your life. You found a will...... a perspective. you were defiant to the very end. you faced death. you were calm, you were still...... you chose to die than to live with your head bowed... i did take everything away from you... but i also gave you the one thing that mattered most in your life. will u still not embrace me son ?"

".... my breath will die wishing you were dead....."

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