Sunday, October 14, 2007

I walk alone at midnight
I walk on a rough road
And the shadow...
....the ever creeping shadow
Seeks to master me

I walk upon the knife edge
One side lies the flame
On the other...shadow
On both is the Taint
The everlasting mortal fear

The Black Taint of Death
Yet is death so black?
As it is painted...
Mortal fears Him
Immortals do not see

Who truly knows
What happens beyond the Abyss...
The Cliff of No Return, the Black River
All are but names of the same
Who knows?

Who wants?
Who has the Will to embrace Him
Freely, truly, without force
I seek this and many other
Answers to Futility

I see Him now
Black robed and sombre
He is amazed
"Thy time is not yet"

A voice surprisingly gentle
Like the whisper of the wind
He raises his hand to dismiss me...
"I am come to ask" say I
"All answers are begotten at the End"
"I cannot wait"
"Yet thou have a life to live
it is not choice"
"Yet the answer I must have"
"There is but one way"
"I am willing to forfeit Life"
"Why seek that which thou canst not have?"
"That is the way of all Mortals"
"Though speakest sooth"
"I seek the truth"
"What purpose is it when thy life is forfeit?"
"The Question burns me"
"As it burns and has burned all
of thy race"
"Yet I seek more than others"
"What is thy choice, flame or shadow?"
"Both and none"
"Nay that is not for thee"
"Yet that is the right choice"
"Sooth, but the path is steep
and wearing and thou but a boy"
"I am in the age of Decision
Grey beard doth not wisdom make"
Yet grey is the cloth of years
and years sit heavy upon a mind"
"And wear it out eventually"

Shadow is Flame
Flame is Shadow
Both are One
Both are Void

Reality is Dream
Dreams are Reality
Force is nature
Light is Darkness
Good and Evil
Chaos is One
Chaos is Power
Chaos is God
Chaos is Satan
is Man
is Maker
is Creation
I have the answer
I am no more
I am FOREVER........

--- picked up from smwhr

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