Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have always been an outsider..... an observer even in my own life. Some might think that is not even possible :)

From an early age, I have been a catalyst to people around me. Few words of mine would make people ascend or implode. I only realize it now in hindsight.

Sometimes for personal gain, most of the time based on sheer mood, I could change the entire thought process of an individual. Women find it charming, men find it inspirational. I find it disturbing.

But i have met few people who could see through me.... they are the scariest. What does a man with power desire ? More power... and fear ? Someone immune to that power.

Still... being an outsider has been.... illuminating. Obsering a system from the outside gives you a different kind of perspective.... like watching an army of ants building a hill.

Again facing a break up because lack of intimacy.  Have been repeatedly told I am not THERE.....
If only I could say.... " YOU are not here ".

There is no such thing like a free meal... :)

"They keep making the same stupid mistakes."
"They ? So you see yourself different from other people ? "
".. I didnt mean it that way. But of course... I am. What can I do about it ?"
~The man from earth.


Shruti said...

Our world is a construct.

P.S: Your blog is a refreshment. Good to have found it in the otherwise cluttered blog world.

sentenced_for_life said...

Thank you Shruti :)