Sunday, April 11, 2010


Last few weeks have been... interesting. i have been down and nearly out but recovered my senses at the last moment. Circumstances... people... problems. that is life.

I had always believed that less interactions with people reduces the chances of a problem creeping up. For a while, i started believing that this belief was wrong and maybe, i had misinterpreted my deductions from past experiences.

Now i realize that i was, in fact, completely correct. When i was young, 17-19.. my life was so much simpler. i read books, watched movies, listened to music. society had not yet intruded in my private space nor its absence had any effect on me. now, at 23, my life is much more complex. there r too many people involved who donot deserve to be in the picture. they r only there because of my stubbornness and fear of letting people go.

I dont really believe in resolutions. i can never fullfill them. but this, i will remember :) i have been in temperance for far too long. subduing my innate nature. caring about people when they dont give a shit nor deserve even a raised eye brow.

Anyone without a purpose, will go.
my wings are spread... i FLY !!


Karan said...

one two ka four ho le :)

sentenced_for_life said...


Shruti said...

I finally came across a blog with such posts! (:

So good to be here... Thanks for visiting my place. I read that post "One Pillar Down"

Very touching!

P.S: On my blog roll (:

Take care

sentenced_for_life said...

thanks !