Sunday, June 15, 2008

an evening to note...

the other day i was sitting in a park outside my house. there i saw a couple sitting on the bench. both were in their 80s. wrinkled skin... boney hands... unpararelled care for eachother. the way they talked and laughed, with no care in the world for anything other than them. it had me wondering.... at this age the expectations are minimal. when two people have been so long together, they come to know eachother completely. at this point of a relationship, there is only acceptance.
this is love in it purest form. i saw that they had integrated themselves into eachother in such a way that they had individuality and at the same time complimented eachother completely. a pity, i could find no ode to offer them.
i just smiled when our eyes met..... got up and walked away.... with envy in my heart.

i wonder if, years from now, some guy will look at us and think the same thing....

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